anomalous cognition in lucid dreams





anomalous cognition in lucid dreams

by E.C May and S.LaBerge


2 thoughts on “anomalous cognition in lucid dreams

  1. I am the anomalous mental phenomena captive for over 40 years currently being tortured and debilitated by a recent source not military as it was or NSA. If this does not stop I should have the sense to help them kill me to save myself from malicious electromagnetic treatment 24 x 7. Unable to escape by leaving home, some times I get a few minutes sleep under vehicles at night or a few minutes sleep on the floor while I work during the day, and sometimes I go 2 , 3 or even 5 days with no sleep at all.., nd sometimes I can’t get ff the floor where I screram so hard wioth pain it is difficult to breath


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