Therefore, the qualitative change of the frontal zone functions
         in the Qigong state certainly have special significance. It can bring about
         some kinds of qualitative change in conscious activity or in the level of
         consciousness. In extraordinary functional states, can subconscious activities
         enter into the realm of the conscious? Can consciousness be expanded? Can
         it produce in the brain some new kind of material.category?




physiology; whether there may also be a faster "excited transition" in which
        a large amount of energy is discharged in a short period of time is an extremely
        interesting question. Are the "flashing light" phenomenon in the Qigong
        state and other forms of energy bursts related to this? We already know
        that biological systems have an observable amplification of power. The retina
        can in a few milliseconds amplify the energy of a light beam 1,000,000 times
        and cause the discharge of neuroelectricity [16]i Astronauts in space can
        observe flashing lights caused by heavy particles. Electrical stimulation
        in the brain of 0.1-0.01 pV/cm can cause neuroelectrical activity at a level
        of I kV/cm [17]. Aside from this, can the synchronizing activity of the
        large electrical potential after a sudden electrical shock also produce a
        similar response in a biological accelerator? From the standpoint of biological
        order and biological radiation, through study of the functional states of
        the human mind (primarily the frontal zone) on the macroscopic and microscopic
        levels is of great promise in the study of the unusual functions of the human
        body and will promote biological research to the vanguard of modern science.






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